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What type of questions I will be asked in my first call Rawa Law Group?

For first call we need general information, like your name and contact information and some other information depending on the type of your issue. In case you are calling for workers’ compensation case, we will ask questions when, where and how you were injured and what body parts have been injured. In case of a car accident again we will ask question about when, where and how the accident happened and some insurance information. But if you your inquiry about employment issue with wages or discrimination we might need some basic information about your employment, your wages and if your were allowed to go back to work.

How long does it take to call Rawa Law Group?

We understand that how busy you are, as such we try our best to answer your question as soon as possible. In general the call takes about 10 minutes. Further, having all the information you might need handy will make the call much faster.

How much the call for consultation cost, is it really free?

Yes consultation call is 100% free. Also to help you make an educated decision and regardless of your issue is workers’ compensation, employment or personal injury to help you make an educated decision you are more than welcome to come to the office of Rawa Law Group for free consultation with one of our attorneys.

How does contingency fee agreement work?

Basically, Rawa Law Group works as your workers’ compensation lawyer, wage or harassment lawyer or personal injury lawyer; represent you depending on your case without charge, until your case is settled or you win at trial. You will not pay anything until we get paid. If there’s no settlement or win we do not get paid.

Is the consultation call really free?

YES. In general after an accident you will be facing quite financial responsibility and our goal is to help go through this difficult time, not make it difficult for your and your family.

I do not want my employer or anyone to know about my call, can I keep the call confidential?

Definitely your call is confidential. Your call to Rawa Law Group seeking legal advice is confidential. However, with new technology some employers record all business calls. As, such it is preferable to call from home or your cell phone. Please do not use your employer’s email, or company’s cell phone, they are your employer’s property.

How important to call an attorney as soon as possible after you get injured?

Calling immediately after the accident is the best action, for many reasons. First, you know you rights very early of the claim dn you make an educated decision. Second, it helps you to get start early in your treatment and get well soon. Third, calling early before things getting works or into the wrong direction with your employer or the insurance company.

My english is not very good, do you have people speaking other languages in Rawa Law Group?

YES. The majority of our staff speak Spanish. Also we have other staffs who speak Russian and Arabic