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Get an Expert Truck Accident Attorney San Bernardino, CA

Every truck or auto crash is caused by one of two factors – negligence of safety provisions or merely human error. Regardless of the factor responsible for an auto crash, the pain is the same, also is the loss and the many costs it could bring. If you have ever been in an auto crash you would know that the event leaves many concerns long after it has happened, whether apparent or not.

In the case where you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, you would need the services of a trusted attorney to help get you the compensations that you are due as a result of the trauma and distress the occasion has put you through.

Too many people lose out on both fronts; they suffer the physical and psychological pains as well as have to bear the brunt of getting their lives back together financially all by themselves. Helping auto crash victims get the attention and support they need is a little of what we do at Rawa Law Group.

We are a team of competent and passionate legal representatives in San Bernardino, CA who have provided for over a decade, strong and meaningful representations that will help you get justice. We provide personalized services and give individual attention to all of our clients, guiding and speaking for them the whole way till they are served with what’s their right.

A lot of what we do at Rawa Group is influenced by our genuine concern for you, we understand how hard life may seem after an accident and we are here to help you maximize your accident claim settlement.

The Leading Attorney in Truck Accident Cases in San Bernardino

Truck accidents are among the most serious accidents that occur on San Bernardino roads. Unfortunately, passenger vehicle occupants account for more than 95% of fatalities in commercial truck accidents in California due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles. According to DOTstatistics, more than 25,000 large truck accidents occurred in 2013 alone that led to fatalities and injury.

If you or someone you love has been seriously hurt in a truck accident, a San Bernardino truck accident injury lawyer can help you explore your legal options and seek compensation from the responsible party.

San Bernardino Truck Accidents 
Several factors contribute to truck accidents in San Bernardino. Many accidents are caused by the following:

  • Driver fatigue. Despite laws regulating how long truck drivers may remain on the road without a break, fatigue is often a factor in truck accidents. In some cases, truck drivers have been found falsifying driving logs to meet deadlines.
  • Speeding. Trucks need more road space to stop, even while traveling at the speed limit. A truck that is going too fast or going downhill may not have time to stop and rear-end a vehicle.
  • Improper loading. A truck that is not loaded correctly can lose control, especially while the driver is making a turn, going around a bend, or driving at high speeds. Jackknifing accidents are often caused by an overloaded truck.
  • Poor truck maintenance. Truck accidents can also be caused by improper maintenance. Given that trucks need more time to stop, a truck with worn brakes is at a greater risk of causing an accident, for example.

Many times, the driver of a large truck is the victim needing assistance and compensation due to poor maintenance or negligence on the part of the truck owner or company, manufacturer malfunction, or passenger vehicles speeding past and cutting off trucks in blind spots on the highway. Rawa Law Group can assist large truck drivers with fair compensation for injury, wages lost, and other forms of reimbursement.

Who is Liable for a Truck Accident in San Bernardino?
Truck accident claims can be complicated because one or several parties may be at fault. A driver may be liable for your injuries if he or she was speeding, fatigued, under the influence, or failing to obey traffic laws. The trucking company may be at fault for negligent maintenance or hiring practices. In some cases, the manufacturer shares blame in the accident due to manufacturing defects.

Contact a San Bernardino Truck Accident Attorney 
If you have been involved in a truck accident in San Bernardino, it’s important to seek legal advice quicklybecause your rights may be affected by decisions you make following the accident, especially if you are the driver of a large truck. It is very common for insurance companies to offer a low settlement and accepting an offer or making a statement to the insurance company can reduce or forfeit your right to additional compensation. Contact an experienced San Bernardino truck accident injury attorney at Rawa Law Group today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

If you need a truck accident attorney in San Bernardino, cease the moment, reach out to us via the address below, we would be honored to be your voice and victor.

The Finest Commercial Truck Accident Attorney in San Bernardino

Commercial trucks are a common sight nationwide, especially in California, which boasts the third highest rate of commercial truck registrations in the US. These semi-trucks account for only 3% of the traffic on roadways, but 12% of all traffic fatalities annually. While most passenger vehicles weigh around 4,000 pounds, commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds depending on the load. 97% of all commercial truck fatalities are occupants in passenger vehicles.

California is the second highest ranked state in America for commercial truck fatalities due to our expansive interstate system. Out of 2,700 traffic fatalities in California every year, more than 200 involve an 18 wheeler.

San Bernardino Semi-Truck Accidents & Liability
commercial truck accident attorney san bernardino californiaSemi-trucks require about 40% more road to stop due to their length and weight. They also have multiple blind spots that make it impossible to see cars in front of or to the side of the trailer. Many commercial truck accidents in San Bernardino are the result truck driver error in the following ways:

  • Improper lane changing or blind spots when changing lanes
  • Reckless and distracted driving
  • High speeds with long brake time
  • Overworked, fatigued driving
  • Parking on the shoulder of highways and ramps
  • Improper or unstable loading of cargo

Liability in San Bernardino Commercial Truck Accidents
These types of injury claims become complicated quickly as there are typically multiple parties responsible for the accident. Driver negligence may be the primary factor, but many semi-truck accidents are the result of manufacturer malfunction, improper maintenance schedules, or passenger vehicle recklessness.

If you were the truck driver in an auto accident, navigating the waters of an accident with a passenger vehicle can be especially terrifying. You may not be at fault as the commercial truck driver and it is important to secure your own legal counsel in the event of an accident. Many commercial trucking companies secure their own attorneys to deflect guilt from the company. Truck manufacturers do the same. You need to have your own experienced legal counsel such as the truck accident attorneys at Rawa Law Group who will fight for you personally to receive fair compensation as the result of a truck accident in San Bernardino.

Contact a San Bernardino Commercial Driver Attorney
If you have been involved in a commercial truck accident, either as the driver or the victim, it’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The right experienced commercial truck accident attorney will investigate the accident to determine liability and secure adequate and fair compensation. At Rawa Law Group, we will fight to for you. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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The Foremost 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys  in San Bernardino

18-wheelers, also known as semi-trucks or commercial trucks, are a common sight on roadways throughout the United States. More than 3 million trucks deliver food and goods, haul heavy equipment, and keep the economy running commercial truck accident attorney san bernardino californiaannually. Most semi-trucks weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds depending on the load. Due to their size and weight, it is much harder for these large trucks to stop on command and semi-truck accidents account for 3,400 fatalities and 60,000 injuries every year in America. California is the third-highest ranking state for commercial truck registrations and the second-highest ranked state for fatal truck accidents every year.

1 out of every 8 traffic fatalities occurs during a semi-truck collision. While semi-trucks only account for 3% of the vehicles on roadways, they account for 12% of fatal accidents. Two thirds of these accidents take place on rural roads; however, 25% occur on interstate highways such as those going directly through San Bernardino.

Commercial Truck Accidents in San Bernardino
Traffic accidents involving 18-wheelers occur in any number of ways, but some of the most frequent types of commercial truck accidents include:

  • Tire Blowouts: Most commercial trucks have 18 wheels and drive thousands of miles per week, so the chance of a tire blowout is exponentially higher on a semi-truck. Whether the blown tire causes the 18-wheeler to lose control or becomes a roadway hazard, this can lead to a variety of traffic incidents.
  • Rollover accidents: The height and sometimes unevenly distributed weight in a tractor trailer, paired with traffic movements such as sudden braking, high speed, or incidental weather can cause the truck’s wheels to leave the road.
  • Lane Change Collisions: Especially on high speed interstates, many passenger vehicles may find themselves in the blind spot of a large truck or cut in front of a large truck in front of the cab, where the driver cannot see the vehicle.
  • Undercarriage Collisions: This occurs when small vehicles, usually at high speeds, slide underneath the truck’s trailer during a collision. These incidents are typically fatal as the top of the vehicle may be sheared off.
  • Jackknife: 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney in San Bernardino, CACAAt times, the back of the trailer may swing out of sync with the truck, usually when braking suddenly or completely narrow turns. Sometimes this causes the entire rig to lose balance, the tires to leave the roadway, or a rollover accident.

Negligence may be a factor in semi-truck accidents, whether due to overworked drivers, faulty manufacturing, or negligent maintenance routines. The driver, company, and manufacturer may all be found liable in the event of injury or death. It is important to secure experienced personal injury representation such as the commercial truck attorneys at Rawa Law Group for a successful compensation claim in these cases. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Other Cities That We Service: Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Victorville, Hesperia, Chino, Chino Hills

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