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Truck Accident

The Foremost Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Trucks are a common sight on highways in the Greater Los Angeles area. Commercial vehicles are an important part of the economy, delivering goods and food to nearly every community in California, and the volume of goods transported by truck is expec18 Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles CAted to increase over the next two years, according to the Department of Transportation. Despite their importance, these large vehicles pose a risk to other drivers. When truck accidents occur, the results are often devastating. About 97% of truck accident fatalities involve occupants of passenger vehicles. Injuries are often catastrophic and victims may be left dealing with surgeries, physical therapy, and pain for years. If you or someone you love has been seriously hurt in a truck accident in Los Angeles, the attorneys at Rawa Law Group are here to help you protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve. Common Types of Truck Accidents in Los Angeles All heavy trucks pose a risk to drivers, including garbage trucks, semi trucks, tanker trucks, tow trucks, and flatbed trucks. Truck accidents may occur in many ways. Some of the most common types of truck accidents in California include:

  • Under-ride accidents happen when a large truck stops suddenly or a smaller vehicle driver is distracted and slams Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angelesinto the back of a large truck. These accidents are among the most fatal because the passenger vehicle slides under the truck’s carriage.
  • Blind spot accidents happen when a vehicle is in a truck’s blind spot. A driver cannot see other vehicles in their blind spot while changing lanes and may cause a collision.
  • Wide turn accidents or swinging turn accidents happen when the truck driver swings left first to make a right-hand turn. The truck may collide with vehicles on the right-hand side.
  • A tire blowout can happen with any vehicle, but it can cause a semi truck driver to lose control and cause an accident.
  • Jackknife accidents occur when a truck driver breaks too suddenly, causing the trailer to swing out of sync with the truck.
  • If cargo is not secured and loaded correctly, it may fall from the truck and cause an accident.

Commercial truck accidents can be caused by any number of factors, but negligent truck crashes are usually caused by insufficient driver training, improper turning, speeding, tailgating, driver fatigue, distracted driving, alcohol, improper vehicle maintenance, or failing to obey traffic rules. Contact a Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a truck accident in Los Angeles, a personal injury attorney can help you navigate the insurance claim process and represent you to seek fair compensation for your injuries. Do not speak with an insurance company before you talk to an attorney about your case as anything you say can be used against you to reduce or deny your claim. Contact Rawa Law Group for a free consultation with an experienced truck accident injury lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss your case.

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