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Swimming Pool Accident

The Superior Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys in San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino's Finest Swimming Pool Accident LawyersCalifornia has more swimming pool-related injuries and deaths than any other state in the nation. With our beautiful year-round weather and plethora of backyard pools, our lead in this startling statistic is no surprise. Pool drowning is now the leading cause of death and injury in children under 5 years old, and the second-leading cause of accidental death for children 14 and under in California. More than 500 children under five are killed in swimming pool accidents every year while another 3,000 are treated in emergency rooms for pool-related injuries.

San Bernardino Pool Accidents
For every child who drowns, four are hospitalized for near drowning, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Up to 20% of children who survive a near-drowning accident experience permanent and severe neurological problems due to brain damage. Many victims of a near-drowning need permanent medical care, and healthcare costs for each near drowning even range from $75,000 for emergency room services to $180,000 per year for long term care.

The same legal concepts, negligence and premises liability, apply to both pool drownings and near-drowning accidents. Because these cases are usually complicated, it is important to work with an experienced San Bernardino pool accident attorney.

The Top Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys in San Bernardino, CANear-drownings are not the only injury associated with pools; other common injuries include diving accidents, chemical burns from chlorine and cleaning products, and slip and fall accidents. Pool diving accidents alone are estimated to account for 10% of the 10,000 spinal injuries that occur every year. Nearly 13,000 people a year who suffer a diving-related injury need hospitalization. A swimming pool accident attorney will consider many factors like deferred maintenance, negligent pool supervision, a lack of warning signs, and defective diving boards to establish liability.

Liability for San Bernardino Swimming Pool Accidents
65% of swimming pool incidents happen in a pool owned by the victim’s family and another 33% happen in pools owned by close friends or relatives. Many assume that they are the only party responsible for watching children when they are invited to swim at someone else’s pool. However, 69% of all victims were not even expected to be at or near the pool at the time of injury or death. Studies show a child can drown in the amount of time it takes to answer a phone call.

California has very strict laws. Pool owners may be responsible for injuries and accidents even if the victim had no permission to utilize the premises at the time of the event, whether the pool owner was present at the time of the accident or not.

Premises Liability
California has very strict laws regarding premises liability – meaning that the property owner can be held responsible for injuries caused by property conditions that the owner should have been aware of, whether the owner was in fact aware of these conditions or not. Homeowners and community pool owners have a legal responsibility to ensure every pool is safe for anyone visiting or residing on the property, including gating or fencing any property from outside visitors, posting warning signs, and maintaining the property routinely.

Products Liability
The manufacturer or reseller of a product such as a pool may be held liable for injuries if a pool or pool equipment is found unsafe or defective, thus causing injury or death. Many parties, from the manufacturer to the installer, may be held liable in the event of an accident.

California law states that any property owner or third party may be held liable for an accident if negligence can be proven. This means failing to take action in a timely manner to maintain, supervise, or guard a pool can result in financial responsibility. For example, pool installers may be held negligent if the pool equipment was not installed correctly.

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